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About Us

VPRO Golf is a European importer of unique golfing products. We are also avid golfers ourselves and always sell products that we believe in. In fact we all use the products we sell every day when we have the opportunity to play a round!

Our first main product line are amazing, unbreakable Flex-Head Tees that are American designed and manufactured product. They are literally indestructible and after having sold tens of thousands of them in Europe we have only had 5 reported breakages!

The G3 Series is the result of direct customer feedback and extensive materials and physics research. The new G3 Series is a culmination of several years of successful sales of the previous G2 Series tees loved by thousands of golfers worldwide. All Flex-Head tees are made in the US by local suppliers and manufactured to exacting specifications. 

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products. Our “You break it, we replace it....For Life” is not a gimmick. No loop holes, no unreadable jargon, just a simple guarantee. If you do manage to break our tee (you’ll be in a very elite group) simply contact us by email at sales@flexhead.eu and we will promptly send you a replacement. All we ask is that you send the broken one or an image of it.

Golfing is hard enough as it is, so why make it even more complicated by having inconsistent tee heights? Please read our blogs for more information on how important this can be for your game.

Please stay tuned for other products coming to the store in 2019!

Happy Golfing!

The VPRO Team


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